Thursday, September 8, 2011



After reading the F-Word it started to make me that some points seemed useless to the point where it confused me. That on pg(20) where it says that women where granted to right to vote to a certain point. With african american women couldn't vote because there lack of education which was just unacceptable. And that even though they were women that were excluded becasue of there color with is nonsense. To the point where the some white would refuse to acknowledge them due to there skin color.

Also i did not understand in pg(23) why the women got arrested for giving away condoms. If they just wanted to protect themselves. Why were men not obligated to where them. And that could just have sex and there would not be a double standard. It was not like they were getting abortions they were just trying to protect themselves. I didn't like how the writer felt about her heritage and how strong she felt about it. Also that she was a decent of all of these strong women, who fought for there rights.

My Introduction

My name is Olayemi Owojori, but please call me Yemi. At first i did not enjoy my name because it was not like everyone else. When i was younger I didn't like my name, but i have learn to love my name and my hertiage. Also what it means to my family and my self confidence. I am nigerian but i was born in Providence, Rhode Island. I would call my self unique and loud. A person with different shades and full of life. So far my semester has been stressful and full of annoyance. But on the other hand is has been amazing i have met a lot of amazing people and i am also getting to know the ropes about RIC.  Also how much different it is from my last college. I am taking this class to fill my core requirement. I usually hang out with my friends when i am not in class. Or surf the web, go watch movies, go to concert, chill with my family, go out dance, i do anything when i feel the need.